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Never is an Awfully Long Time

Watch the clip here.

While "Peter Pan" may be a staple children's movie, there is quite a lot of illegal activity taking place throughout the movie.

We will start with the "Lost Boys". Assuming they did not all just leave like Wendy did, they may have been abandoned. Abandoning a child under the Texas Penal Code§ 22.041 means to leave a child in any place without providing reasonable and necessary care for the child, under circumstances in which no reasonable, similarly situated adult would leave a child of that age and ability. A person, who is the child's guardian or care taker, commits this offense when they leave a child under the age of 15 in circumstances that expose the child to an unreasonable risk of harm. The Lost Children's parents may be guilty of this offense depending on how they became "lost".

There is a substantial amount of assault going on in this clip with all of the sword fighting. A person has committed assault when they intentionally or knowingly cause physical contact with another when the person should reasonably believe that the other will regard the contact as offensive or provocative. This would be a Class C misdemeanor. V.T.C.A., Pen. Code § 22.01.

It also appears that Captain Hook kidnaps several of the children and holds them against their will. A person commits an offense of kidnapping when he intentionally or knowingly abducts another person. The offense will be considered aggravated if they abducted another person with the intent to inflict bodily injury. This aggravated offense is a felony of the second degree. V.T.C.A., Penal Code § 20.04.

Captain Hook really seems to have it out for Peter Pan. Hook's constant attempts to find Pan and harm him could be considered stalking. A person commits the offense of stalking when, if the person on more than one occasion and pursuant to the same scheme or course of conduct that is directed specifically at another person, knowingly engages in conducts that the actor reasonably knows the other person will regard as threatening to his person or his property. V.T.C.A., Pen. Code § 42.072.

The pirates may also be charged with organized crime and criminal conspiracy. A person commits the offense of engaging in organized criminal activity when a person, with the intent to establish, maintain, or participate in a combination, he commits or conspires to commit murder, capital murder, arson, aggravated kidnapping, kidnapping, deadly conduct, assault (among other crimes). V.T.C.A., Penal Code § 71.01. "Conspires to commit" means that a person agrees with one or more persons that they or one or more of them engage in conduct that would constitute the offense and that person and one or more of them perform an overt act in pursuance of the agreement. An agreement constituting conspiracy may be inferred from the acts of the parties. As the pirates all live together and work together to assist in Hook in his ventures, an agreement could be inferred.