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Bedford Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Charges

The Alband Law Firm is a highly experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense firm that can provide you with the legal assistance that you will need if you have been arrested. When you are represented by a criminal defense attorney, the likelihood of a positive resolution to your legal situation will greatly increase. Navid Alband worked for 5 years a prosecutor before dedicating his legal career to defending the accused. He has tried over 100 jury cases and is a highly proficient litigator.

Our firm provides skilled advocacy in cases involving misdemeanors and felonies, as well as federal criminal defense and juvenile criminal representation. If you have been charged with fraud, domestic violence, narcotics/drug crimes, theft, DWI or probation violations, contact our firm to find out how to challenge the prosecution's evidence. We can also help you if you are the subject of warrants or bench warrants with prompt and qualified representation, and counsel you on appeals, expunctions and nondisclosures.

When you are fighting criminal charges, you will be up against a team of prosecutors that will vigorously pursue a guilty verdict and maximum sentencing. Navid Alband's insider's knowledge of prosecution tactics will give you a tremendous advantage when challenging their case. Our firm will review the accusations against you and carefully prepare your defense. We will exploit any weaknesses in the prosecution's case with the goal of obtaining a reduction in charges, case dismissal or acquittal.

Necessity for Legal Assistance

Your life can change dramatically following an arrest, and create an uncertain future. You will need experienced representation to prevent consequences such as incarceration, fines, community service, mandatory alcohol or drug treatment, asset forfeiture, the suspension of your driver's license or court-ordered sex offender registration. You will also have a criminal record that will prevent you from being hired for certain types of jobs or professional licenses. Finding any type of employment at all could be extremely difficult due to the common practice of pre-employment background checks.

An attorney that knows both sides of the system can give you the best opportunity for a favorable resolution to your situation. We will carefully prepare your defense and provide you with legal counsel regarding your options so you can make an informed decision regarding your case.


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