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Hurst Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing Criminal Charges 

An experienced attorney at The Alband Law Firm can provide you with critical legal information if you have been charged with a crime. Texas-born Navid Alband is a proven trial attorney and former prosecutor. When he represents clients in criminal matters, he looks closely at the evidence that has been compiled, including police reports and witness testimony, in order to develop a comprehensive defense strategy. He is extremely persistent and will fight to protect his clients' rights and freedom every step of the way.

Our firm provides criminal defense advice and representation in cases involving misdemeanors and felonies. We also offer federal criminal defense and juvenile criminal representation. If you have been charged with DWI, fraud, narcotics/drug crimes, theft, probation violations or domestic violence, contact us for qualified legal advocacy. We are also available to assist clients with bench warrants, warrants, nondisclosures, expunctions and appeals.

When fighting criminal charges, your choice of a criminal defense lawyer is extremely important and can influence how your case is disposed. We know that your future is at stake when you have been charged with a crime, and will do everything we can to achieve a case dismissal or acquittal. If a plea bargain is in your best interests, we are confident negotiators who will tenaciously represent your interests.

Quality Legal Advice

Successfully fighting criminal charges requires extensive legal knowledge and top litigation skills. Without a veteran defense attorney by your side, the possibility of a favorable resolution to your case will decrease dramatically. If you are found guilty of the charges you are facing, you could end up sentenced to jail and ordered by the court to pay heavy fines.

A conviction can also result in license suspension, alcohol or drug treatment, victim restitution, community service and, if your case involved sexual misconduct, sex offender registration. Even so-called minor offenses can leave you with a criminal record that can haunt you for the rest of your life.

Our firm will carefully prepare your defense and look for opportunities to seek a reduction in charges or case dismissal. We have developed relationships with many court personnel in the area, which can be advantageous when addressing criminal accusations.

You can depend on our firm to provide you with outstanding service and always respond promptly to your calls.


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