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Fort Worth Drug Smuggling Attorney

Drug Smuggling Charges in Fort Worth 

Drug smuggling charges are very serious and only the most experienced attorneys should be charged with upholding your rights in a court of law. Since the Patriot Act passed after September 11th, certain types of drug crimes can be charged as terrorist activity by the court. This is especially true if the drugs were being brought across borders.

Compounded with the fact that many drug crimes are charged as federal offenses, it is easy to see why you would need an attorney with honed skill. Our firm at The Alband Law Firm will thoroughly review your case and expose any weakness or mistake in the prosecution's case ruthlessly. We believe that our clients deserve complete honesty and will provide them with no nonsense outstanding defense. If you are facing drug transportation charges, speak with our Fort Worth smuggling defense lawyer today.

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Drug Transportation Defense Lawyer in Fort Worth

Our firm's attorney, Mr. Alband, has ample experience both as a prosecutor and defense attorney. This gives him the advantage of knowing what the prosecution is doing and thinking. 

Our firm will fully utilize every defense tool available and put in the necessary time to review the legality of the charges brought against our clients. Sometimes federal and state law enforcement violates search and seizure laws. The United States Constitution grants you these rights.

Smuggling charges can have many facets and law enforcement and prosecution do not always go by the book. In such a case we will review the evidence brought against clients and in some cases get it dismissed. Without evidence, the prosecution has a lesser chance of convicting you. If you have been charged with drug transportation, you need to know that you can rely on your attorney's knowledge and background. Our firm can provide clients with real legal help during hard times.

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