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Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drug Crime Defense Attorney in Fort Worth

Unauthorized Sale or Use of Prescription Drugs is still a Crime in Fort Worth

The illegality of drugs use, sale or manufacture is not limited to "street drugs" but covers the any unauthorized use of a controlled substance. This is outlined in the "Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970" which defines the drugs, or controlled substances, into five schedules (or classes). A Schedule I the drug will have no real medical use, a high potential for abuse and a low safety level.

Most abused prescription drugs will fall into a Schedule II or higher numbering as they have a medical use. However they are called controlled substances as they are highly regulated and they can only be used under direct medical supervision. Violating these regulations makes it a crime and you will need to find a Fort Worth drug crime attorney to help you fight any such charges.

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Types of Offenses related to Prescription Drug Offenses

Dealing with the defense of a Prescription drug offense requires a different level of understanding and expertise. While still a drug crime the lawyer must also be very familiar with business law and the dealings of a professional such as a medical doctor or pharmacist. The questions are often not so much use or possession of the drug but how was it obtained and how was it authorized. This requires an entirely different and higher understanding of the law than a street drug crime defense. The Alband Law Firm has years of trial experience and background in the special demands of a prescription drug crime defense.

Whether the drug is Xanax or OxyContin, you can be accused of a prescription drug crime under charges such as:

  • The forging of a prescription
  • The possession or use of a prescription drug without a valid prescription
  • The sale or distribution or transport of prescription drugs illegally
  • Shopping for doctors, which means travelling to various practitioners hoping to gain a "yes"
  • Illegally removing drugs from a medical office, clinic or pharmacy for resale, distribution or personal use
  • Handing out drugs without a prescription "on the side"

Aside from serious punishments this crime also can bring devastating harm to professionals. From the loss in reputation to the forfeiture of licenses the results can be quite negative.

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