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Underage DWI Charges May Still Mean Jail Time. work with Our Firm to Avoid Heavy Consequences & Preserve Your Driving Privileges.

Underage DWI Cases Explained

Have you or a family member under age 21 been charged with DWI?

The law in Texas against people under age 21 is very strict. It can mean heavy penalties and a blot on an underage driver's record. It is vital to obtain experienced representation by a DWI attorney to assure that all possible defenses are raised. If you or a family member is in this situation, it is strongly urged that you contact a lawyer immediately.

No Tolerance Law for Underage Drinkers

Texas law states that a driver under age 21 with any measurable amount of alcohol in his blood is guilty of DWI.

The penalties for this are:

  • 60 day driver license suspension
  • Up to $500 fine
  • Community service from 20 to 40 hours
  • Required attendance at classes in alcohol awareness.

Adult Penalties for BAC of .08% or more

Should the underage driver have a Blood Alcohol Concentration of .08% or more, he is treated like an adult with adult-level penalties.

This can mean:

  • Fine up to $2,000
  • Three to 180 days in jail
  • Driver license suspension for up to a year
  • Annual fee of $1,000 to $2,000 to keep driver license
  • Community service of 24 to 100 hours

Assistance Regarding Legal Needs

Seasoned in the defense of underage drivers, we are familiar with the many police mistakes that may provide a defense and are ready to capitalize on them for our clients' benefit. We are also knowledgeable of the tools for reduction of penalties.

We urge you to contact us. We will evaluate the case for available defenses and recommend an advantageous course of action.