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Being apprehended for a federal crime is a pivotal and unnerving juncture in one's life. When facing the severity of federal charges, a compassionate ally who is deeply invested in your wellbeing is indispensable.

The dedicated group of Fort Worth federal criminal defense attorneys from Alband, Lane & Balderrama is fully prepared to use their wealth of experience and profound legal guidance to defend you against a wide range of federal charges. Our Board Certified Criminal Attorneys have tried over 250 cases in Tarrant County and can offer the personalized representation you deserve.

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What is the Difference Between Federal and State Crimes?

Not only are federal laws and procedures different from state laws and procedures, so are federal sentencing guidelines and prison facilities. Because federal crimes violate the laws of the U.S. Government (or occur on federal property) as opposed to state or local laws and ordinances, these cases are investigated by government agencies like:

  • the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI,
  • the Drug Enforcement Agency or DEA,
  • and the Internal Revenue Service or IRS, to name a few.

These agencies have a combined reputation for being more diligent and, perhaps, more aggressive in their investigations than their state law enforcement counterparts.

What's more, the penalties and sentencing in federal cases can often be much steeper, including mandatory sentences, which in some cases means that the judge has no authority to weigh in on the matter. If you or someone you love has been charged with, or is a suspect in, a federal crime, contact the Fort Worth federal criminal defense lawyer at Alband, Lane & Balderama to assist you in all matters of your federal case.

Types of Federal Crimes

Crimes designated as federal crimes either violate federal law or occur on federal property. If a suspect's actions violate both state and federal law (but don't occur on federal property) the suspect can be prosecuted in the federal and/or state court - with no double jeopardy protection. Organized by category and subject matter, the federal criminal code contains many statutes and continues to grow as new ones are added.

Here are a few of the more common categories of federal crimes, each of which contain many types of federal violations:

Because of the complex nature of federal crime prosecuting procedures and penalties, you need a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer who is experienced is handling these types of case. At Alband, Lane & Balderama, our Fort Worth federal criminal defense attorneys are skilled litigators with a thorough knowledge of the federal criminal system.

We are dedicated to protecting your rights and defending your case - contact us to request a free consultation!

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