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Fort Worth Drug Importation Defense Attorney

Help for Those Facing Drug Importation Charges in Fort Worth

If you are facing charges for drug importation, you should know that these are serious charges and require the help of a skilled attorney. With the aid of a knowledgeable drug crimes defense attorney you may be able to greatly reduce or eradicate the charges against you.

Our firm believes that being honest with clients is a priority and we keep clients abreast of all legal proceedings. If your case is taken on you will know that you are being told the truth about your case and it's possible consequences. Speak with a Fort Worth drug crimes defense attorney today if you are facing drug importation charges.

Drug Importation Defense Lawyer in Fort Worth

You can be charged with drug importation if you are arrested for bringing narcotics into Texas.

Commonly imported drugs include:

  • Cocaine
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Marijuana
  • Heroin

Drug importation can be charged as a felony and prosecuted in Federal Court. The penalties for drug importation are harsh and may include lengthy prison sentences, fines, and more. Our firm can honestly tell you what we think about your case and the penalties you may be facing. If you hire a skilled attorney from our firm, you greatly increase your chances of avoiding penalties. These penalties are difficult to face and may jeopardize your future.

Our attorneys are former prosecutors and now the ins and outs of criminal defense trials involving drugs. We want to provide clients with personal attention that we feel may be harder to get at a large impersonal firm. If you have been charged with drug importation, speak with one of our attorneys. We feel that we are giving clients something they may not find elsewhere, excellent representation, honesty and determined defense.

Contact a Drug Importation Defense Attorney today if you are facing charges.

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