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Orders of Nondisclosure Can Seal Your Records. Work with Our Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to Control Your Background.

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What is an Order of Nondisclosure?

Nondisclosure is the sealing of your criminal records after deferred adjudication (probation and the subsequent dismissal of charges) has been successfully completed. Having your records sealed away from public view does not occur automatically after this process. You must petition for a nondisclosure order.

Once the order is granted it is no longer legal for law enforcement agencies to release your criminal records, and to all intents and purposes, your arrest and sentence for deferred adjudication no longer exists. (The only exception to this is release of records to certain agencies for a subsequent criminal case.)

The Nondisclosure Process

To be approved for nondisclosure you must, firstly, have successfully completed deferred adjudication, and secondly, completed the waiting period of 2 years for certain misdemeanors and five years for felonies. In Texas it is not mandatory for juvenile records to be sealed once adulthood is reached, so it would also be beneficial to pursue the sealing of juvenile criminal offense records with an order of nondisclosure. It takes from 3 to five months to complete this process, so starting as soon possible after your deferred adjudication has been completed is in your best interest.

Choose the Counsel of The Alband Law Firm

Today the majority of employers do background checks on prospective employees. Such checks are also used by schools, colleges, landlords, and for credit purposes. Having your records sealed is something that is vital to do so that your criminal history does not negatively impact your life in the future. An attorney from our qualified legal team can explain how the nondisclosure process works and may be able to help you get your records sealed.

Our firm can answer your questions, let you know if you are eligible, and perform all of the legal actions necessary for the granting of the order of nondisclosure in your case.

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