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Juvenile Criminal Conviction Could Still Mean Prison Time. Work with Our Firm Today to Fight Against Being Tried as an Adult.

Fort Worth Juvenile Criminal Cases

Experienced Defense Attorneys in Fort Worth, TX

Juvenile crimes are dealt with differently than crimes committed by an adult. Juvenile courts in Texas have their own specific guidelines and practices when it comes to trying and sentencing underage individuals who have committed a crime. Punishments for juvenile crimes vary greatly depending on the circumstances surrounding the crimes, as well as their severity. Just as in the adult criminal justice system, however, heavy fines and jail time can be assessed by the court.

If your child has been charged with a crime of any type, be it theft, assault, or a drug crime, then contact a qualified lawyer who can represent your child in their case and ensure their rights are protected throughout the criminal proceedings.

Advantage of Obtaining a Skilled Criminal Defense

Being convicted of a crime can have disastrous and long-lasting consequences on your child's well-being and future. A criminal record can mean difficulty for them in obtaining a good job, and it may even prevent them from being able to get into college. Having the representation of a skilled Fort Worth criminal attorney could help your child avoid these consequences, by building a defense that seeks to get the criminal charges reduced or dropped entirely.

Hire The Alband Law Firm for Your Child's Case

The Alband Law Firm is well-versed in handling criminal cases of all types, and we provide our clients with aggressive legal service that increases their chances of a case outcome that is advantageous to them.

Contact us today if your child has been arrested for a crime, and we will assist you and your child with the goal of a resolution to their case that guarantees them a bright and successful future.