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Marijuana Is Still Criminalized in the State of Texas. Work with Our Firm to Fight Your Charge or Possession or Distribution.

Marijuana Charges Lawyer in Fort Worth

Texas is Tough on Marijuana Offenses

Texas rightfully has a tough reputation for its laws regarding marijuana use, sale and possession. Being caught with even very small amounts can put you in jail for six months. As in many other states, the severity of punishment increases rapidly with the amount and weight of the marijuana you possess, sell or transport.

If you are arrested for the use, possession, sale or distribution of any amount marijuana you may face heavy fines and months to years of jail time. You need an experienced Fort Worth Drug Crimes Lawyer from the Alband Law Firm to protect your rights and provide you with an effective defense to your drug charges.

Mr. Alband, a former Tarrant County Felony Prosecutor for four years, is committed to providing his clients with the most effective and aggressive defense possible. It is our firm's mission to protect the legal rights of each of our clients and provide an aggressive and intelligent defense to their drug charges.

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Experienced Drug Crimes Attorney in Fort Worth

Even if you have a prescription for "medical marijuana" use from another state it will not prevent your arrest if you are found with marijuana in Texas. If you caught with even a small amount up to a pound, your sentence can range from 6 months to 2 years in a state jail and a fine between $2000 and $10,000.

If you have no prior felony convictions, a judge must sentence you with a probation and drug treatment instead of jail time and he can reduce or waive the fines. Any subsequent charges have no such leniency; jail time and heavy fines are mandatory.

Once you give away or sell any amount of marijuana, the laws stiffen even further. There is no probation allowed at all and your jail time can double with the sale of even a single joint. Because the criminal punishments for marijuana are so severe for even small amounts of the drug, it is vital that you get the best legal representation possible.

If you are arrested for marijuana contact a Fort Worth marijuana defense attorney immediately.  Our firm is here to protect your rights and help you with the best defense against your charges.