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Trafficking Penalties

As the Federal government continues to escalate the "war on drugs", individual states have followed by developing their own guidelines of penalties. The Texas Health and Safety Code is one of the most severe in the country. If you or someone you know has been arrested and charged with trafficking seek help immediately from an experienced Fort Worth drug crime defense attorney.

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Trafficking Lawyer in Fort Worth

Trafficking is considered the commercial exchange of controlled substances, illegal narcotics, which includes the substances and/ or equipment used in production. Since Texas is a border state federal and state authorities are vigilant in watching for evidence of trafficking at the border, state lines and on the major arteries, thus a trafficking charge may be fought in federal or state court. The severity of the penalties depends upon the type of drugs and amount involved in the individual case. Federal court judges follow a strict set of sentencing guidelines which does not allow for much bargaining. Texas laws require severe penalties upon conviction of no more than 99 years in state prison per charge.

Fines under Texas law are also severe, for example:

  • Marijuana fines are not more than 4 million dollars for an individual and not more than 10 million dollars if other than an individual.
  • For other drugs the fine is not more than 8 million dollars for an individual and not more than 20 million dollars if other than an individual.
  • For Heroin a fine of not more than 2 million dollars for an individual and not more than 5 million dollars if other than an individual

The most effective defense strategy is to have a highly experienced and skilled trafficking lawyer handling your defense as additional charges may be added on. The legal team at our firm has successfully handled all types of types of drug crime cases and is experienced in building strong defense strategies. Call the Alband Law Firm to consult with an aggressive drug crime defense lawyer and start building your defense.

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