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Drug Selling Charges in Fort Worth

Have you been charged with Drug Sales?

Nothing can really describe what a person experiences on being arrested on a charge of selling drugs or possession with intent to sell. It can be especially upsetting if the individual simply had possession only for your own use. If you or a loved one has been arrested for drug sales or related charges you need to consult a Fort Worth drug crime defense attorney who is aggressive in defending a client. Our legal team at The Alband Law Firm is ready to move into action for clients who have been accused or are being held on a drug crime.

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Sales Lawyer in Fort Worth

Texas has some of the toughest penalties for sales, intent to sell, or conspiracy with intent to sell of any state. The severity of the penalties for these charges depends upon the type and the amount drugs found in a person's possession. For example, the Texas Health and Safety Code states that conviction of the sale of marijuana may result in a sentence of up to life or 10 to 99 years in state prison.

Simply giving another a gift of ¼ ounce or less of marijuana is punishable by up to 180 days in jail and may include fines, community service and other penalties. An experienced sales lawyer with our firm has successfully represented many clients charged with drug sales, intent to sell, or conspiracy with intent to sell throughout the Fort Worth area.

Prosecutors often "stack" charges on a defendant, meaning, one or more charges will be added on even there may not be any direct evidence to support the additional charges. This can be very intimidating. So one of the things we look at is if more charges are being piled on because the prosecutor is operating on an opinion.

With years of experience, our attorney knows how important an independent investigation into the police procedures can be in preparing a defense. Police officers can easily make errors in the course of their duties which may prevent a drug crime case from going to trial at all. Our skilled legal team understands what to look for in order to get charges dropped or reduced during preparation for trial. Call The Alband Law Firm for assistance with your defense.

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