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Occupational Driver's License in Texas

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Being convicted of a DWI can be devastating. Even a first offense can bring thousands of dollars in fines, jail time, and a license suspension. It is that suspension of your driver's license that can sometimes prove most debilitating, keeping you from caring for you and your family's needs. Without the ability to drive, your employment status can be at risk and serious financial troubles can arise. Don't fret unnecessarily over these worries, as relief may be available in your case.

In Texas, if your license has been suspended or revoked for certain offences (including DWI), you could be eligible for an occupational driver's license (ODL). An ODL is a special restricted license that allows use of a motor vehicle in relation to your job, education or for essential household duties. Texas law states that an ODL holder can drive up to 4 hours per day, but that can be extended to 12 with a judge's permission. The process for obtaining an occupational driver's license can be complex and confusing. Petition to the district or county court, paperwork, fees and deadlines can be overwhelming.

Assistance from a Legal Professional

Finding a skilled lawyer to help you with your ODL case could mean the difference between the right the drive and being "grounded" for months. At The Alband Law Firm, we have experienced attorneys who can answer your questions and guide you through the process of obtaining an ODL. Our team understands how important the right to drive can be, and we will work vigorously for your interests in this matter.

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