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PCP Charges in Fort Worth

Fighting a Drug Crime Offense Involving PCP in Fort Worth

PCP, the name comes from shortening its full chemical name (phenylcyclohexylpiperidine) is a popular street drug that is also called angel dust. Originally developed as a legitimate pharmaceutical drug, it was discontinued for medical use because of its many side effects including hallucinations. Today, most of the PCP coming into our area comes from foreign manufacturers. The Fort Worth area sees more that its far share of the sale and use of this drug due to our location within one of the nation's main drug transportation corridors.

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PCP Defense Lawyer in Fort Worth

Additionally, the high profitability potential within the PCP distribution market has made it an important part of the local crime and gang related business. What this means to you is that the law enforcement effort against drug crimes involving PCP or angel dust will be especially harsh. You will need a Fort Worth drug crime attorney with deep familiarity and expertise in defending such accusations for your defense.

Being arrested and placed under drug crime charges can occur at all levels of our society. Whether this is your first encounter with the law or you have a previous record the situation can be serious without strong legal counsel. PCP and angel dust are in the top penalty groups as defined under the Texas Controlled Substances Act. Offenses surrounding simple possession, intent to distribute and/or manufacture can range from a misdemeanor to a more likely felony charge.

Minimum mandatory terms begin at 6 months and in some cases can effectively be a life imprisonment. Alongside of these terms are steep fines, property seizures and a very negative impact upon your future. 

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