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What Is White Collar Crime?

Understanding the Consequences

White collar crime is difficult to define, but two consistent characteristics are nonviolence and, in many cases, illegal financial gain. These are crimes like bank fraud, embezzlement, bribery and tax crimes that are usually committed by professionals or within a corporate or political setting or environment in which victims are not physically harmed.

But don't be fooled by the innocent sounding name. White Collar crime is very serious in the eyes of the law, and convictions can mean significant prison time and/or steep fines -- not to mention the inability, in many cases, for those convicted to work again in their chosen professions. Residents of Fort Worth charged with any of these or other white collar crimes should seek legal assistance right away.

Legal Assistance When You Need it Most

White collar crimes often involve complex elements that can be difficult to detect, investigate, prosecute and defend. In many cases, charges are only filed against suspects after extensive ongoing investigations by government agencies and other law enforcements groups. These kinds of criminal investigations, however, may often include surveillance and other technologies or techniques that can sometimes violate the Constitutional rights of those being investigated. In these instances, it's possible to exclude evidence against a suspect or even have the entire case dismissed.

We are skilled litigators with experience defending criminal cases involving white collar crimes. Attorneys from the firm will thoroughly review your case and provide insight and direction throughout the entire legal process. Most importantly, our firm will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of every legal avenue to positively resolve or remedy your case.

It's essential for those charged with white collar crimes in to enlist the help of a lawyer from The Alband Law Firm as early on in the case as possible.

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