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Areas We Serve

When you are facing criminal charges, you will be up against a team of prosecutors that have unlimited access to personnel, resources and the latest technology to prove their case. Representation by an experienced attorney will greatly improve your chances of a favorable outcome to your situation, and can help you avoid jail time and other penalties that could result from a conviction. The Alband Law Firm is a respected criminal defense firm that can provide the steadfast representation you will need when fighting criminal charges.

Fort Worth criminal defense attorney Navid Alband is a former prosecutor who ensures all of his clients receive the best defense possible. We can assist you with misdemeanors, felonies and federal criminal defense in cases involving narcotics/drug crimes, theft, DWI, fraud, domestic violence and probation violations. We also help families with juvenile criminal representation. Once your case has been thoroughly reviewed, we will develop an aggressive defense plan. Our firm will work efficiently and effectively when challenging the prosecution's evidence, and will take maximum advantage of any opportunities to seek a reduction in charges or case dismissal.

Fighting Criminal Charges

Criminal accusations can be devastating, and jeopardize your employment in addition to affecting your relationship with family members and friends. Many people are uncertain about the actions they need to take concerning their defense, and can even end up making statements to the police that can compromise their case. Our firm provides personalized services to clients and tailored defense strategies designed to mitigate the charges you are facing. We will work tirelessly to protect your constitutional rights and vigorously attack the prosecution's evidence. We know how much is at stake when you have been charged with a criminal offense, and will use our comprehensive knowledge of the law to help you prevail in court.

If you are the subject of warrants or bench warrants, you will want to contact the firm immediately for legal advice and advocacy. We also counsel clients seeking appeals and the sealing of criminal records through expunctions and nondisclosures


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