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Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth Drug Crimes Defense Attorney in Fort Worth

Under Arrest in Fort Worth for a Crystal Meth Crime? Call The Alband Law Firm.

Crystal Meth, also called "crank", has been a growing problem in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for years. The drug has been in existence for over a century and it is properly called methamphetamine. Crystal Meth, along with marijuana, is one of the very few controlled substances which can be easily manufactured by individuals. A crystal meth lab can be set up almost anywhere and they have been. From garden sheds to hotel rooms the equipment and supplies needed are readily gathered from regular shopping sources. The attraction lies in the extremely high profit margin and as a result this drug tend to have a higher prosecution profile for manufacture and distribution charges than other drugs. As this will increase the punishment levels beyond a simple possession charge it is important that you find a Fort Worth drug crime defense lawyer that has experience with this specific type of charge.

The Fort Worth area is recognized as one of the nation's top drug trafficking corridors. This is largely due to its proximity to the Mexican border as well as its role as a general transportation hub. Additionally the strong banking industry presence also makes this area well suited for the laundering of drug funds. As a result our area sees a higher level of drug crime prosecution than other areas might experience. This, along with some of the stiffest and toughest anti-drug laws in the country, means that you will need a strong defense from a very experienced drug crime lawyer to fight your case. 

The Alband Law Firm has years upon years of defense experience as well as over 100 courtroom cases tried as a prosecutor. Our legal team knows both sides of the law and can bring that experience to your benefit.

Do not delay or feel that it is hopeless. You need to contact a Fort Worth crystal meth drug crime defense lawyer today for the immediate start of building your defense.


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