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An Overview of Harassment & Stalking Cases

Stalking is defined as the purposeful and repeated following and harassment of an individual. Harassment refers to any act or behavior towards another that is calculated to disturb or upset, or which the victim finds threatening. There are many forms of stalking and harassment, including cyber stalking (stalking a person over the internet), celebrity stalking, workplace stalking, and workplace harassment. The penalties for stalking or harassment can be harsh, and vary depending on certain circumstances, such as the intensity or frequency of the act.

A person convicted can face substantial fines, community service, probation, mandatory counseling programs, restraining orders, or even jail or prison time. If you have been charged with stalking or harassing another, then it is important to know that you have rights in this situation, and a lawyer can ensure those rights are protected, as well as provide you with representation in your case.

Are you facing stalking or harassment charges?

Aside from the steep penalties a stalking or harassment conviction can bring, there are also additional consequences that can affect you long into the future if you have been found guilty of such charges. The conviction could remain on your criminal record indefinitely, which can affect your future chances at obtaining a job, purchasing a home or car, or applying for secondary education. At The Alband Law Firm, we work hard to help people avoid consequences like these by providing them with strong defenses in their criminal cases.

Contact us today for your stalking or harassment case, and we will provide you with honest, dedicated representation that can increase the likelihood of a case outcome that is greatly in your favor.