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Burleson Criminal Defense Attorney

Charged with a crime?

Seeking representation by a qualified lawyer should be one of your top priorities if you have been charged with committing a crime. Without skilled legal advocacy, it will be much more difficult to achieve a favorable conclusion to your case. The Alband Law Firm has provided trusted criminal case representation to clients throughout the area for many years.

Navid Alband has previously worked as a prosecutor and knows the strategies the District Attorney's office will undertake when pursuing a conviction in a criminal case. He will use his comprehensive legal knowledge when building your defense and will zealously pursue a successful resolution to your situation.

When you are found guilty of criminal charges, you face penalties such as probation, jail time and fines. If you are convicted of a felony that involves violence, it is likely that you will be sentenced to incarceration in a state prison for many years. Our criminal defense lawyer can assist you with charges involving both misdemeanors and felonies, and also offers skilled federal criminal defense and juvenile criminal representation.

We represent clients arrested for narcotics/drug crimes such as possession, sales, distribution and trafficking; theft crimes including burglary and shoplifting, DWI, fraud, domestic violence, probation violations and many other types of criminal offense. We are also experienced in appeals, as well as expunctions and nondisclosures of a person's criminal record.

Regardless of the criminal accusations you are facing, you deserve the best defense possible. Our firm will make sure you understand the legal issues involved in your case, and will take the time to explain all of your options. We can also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution's case, and what defense strategies should be employed to counter their evidence.

Criminal Defense Legal Representation

If you are the subject of bench warrants or warrants, the police will have a legal right to arrest you if you are found. You should seek immediate legal representation by a knowledgeable litigator who can take action to resolve the situation, including seeking the cancellation of your warrant.

Our firm can help you with any criminal matter, and should be contacted at once if there is a warrant out for you. We will promptly respond and do everything we can to help you avoid an arrest. We are resulted-oriented, and committed to providing our clients with excellent service.

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