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Former District Attorney

Former District Attorney

Five Year Fort Worth Prosecutor on Your Side!

Our founding attorney Navid Alband is a former Fort Worth Prosecutor who shifted his focus to defending the criminally accused after realizing his passion for protecting people's rights. During the five years that he served as a prosecutor, he personally handled cases in County Courts 4, 6, and 10, the 372nd District Court of Texas, Criminal District Court 1, the 323rd District Juvenile Court and the Fort Worth Grand Jury. He has tried over 100 cases in front of a jury as well. Why is his former experience important and how can it impact your case?

Former Prosecutor Fighting For You!

Having a defense attorney who previously served as a prosecutor is invaluable because Navid Alband knows how the prosecution handles cases and he knows where mistakes can be made. While the Texas criminal justice system might be good, it isn't foolproof. He has an intimate understanding of the District Attorney's Office and how they operate, which he uses to his clients' advantage at all times. He's able to draw from this unique experience and better anticipate the prosecution's tactical maneuvers. When your future is on the line, you want an attorney with this superior level of knowledge and skill defending you in the courtroom, not a "fresh out of law school" public defender who is overburdened with more cases than he or she can handle.

When your attorney is emotionally invested in the outcome of your case, you can count on the fact that you will receive tireless and dedicated legal representation. There is no substitute for having a former prosecutor fighting in your corner, and it just doesn't get better than that.

To discuss your DWI case with Mr. Alband, give us a call without delay! The sooner we get started, the greater our chances at turning things around in your favor once and for all.


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