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An arrest for any type of criminal offense can have unexpected and damaging ramifications. It can not only strain relationships with your family and friends, but also affect your job and future. If you have been charged with a crime, an attorney should be consulted immediately regarding your defense and how to effectively challenge the prosecution's case.

The Alband Law Firm represents clients from all walks of life in criminal matters, and can provide you with helpful legal advice if you have been arrested for committing misdemeanors or felonies. We are also skilled in federal criminal defense and juvenile criminal representation. Our criminal defense attorney Navid Alband is a Texas native whose legal background includes working for five years as a district attorney. He is also a seasoned litigator who provides all of his clients with aggressive advocacy.

If you have been charged with DWI, fraud, domestic violence, probation violations, narcotics/drug crimes or theft and need criminal defense assistance, contact our office to discuss your case. We also help clients with bench warrants, warrants, appeals, expunctions and nondisclosures.

Arrests Situations

When you have been arrested, one of the first actions you should take is to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can protect your constitutional rights. It is easy to be taken advantage of when you are unfamiliar with criminal laws and court procedures. Our firm has successfully represented many individuals charged with criminal offenses, and will make sure you are properly advised and receive the help that you need. We are confident and determined litigators that will construct a compelling defense and work diligently to minimize the charges against you.

A guilty verdict in a criminal case, including first-time misdemeanors, can result in incarceration and other undesirable consequences that can change the course of your life. If you are convicted of a violent crime or an offense that involved the use of a deadly weapon, the prosecution will push hard for maximum sentencing. Your chances of a successful resolution to your case will increase dramatically with dedicated and qualified legal representation and our firm will review your case and discuss possible strategies that can be used to fight the charges against you. We provide clients with outstanding service and will assist you in any way that we can.

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