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Fort Worth Immigration Lawyer

Ready to Protect You & Your Family’s Rights & Future in the United States 

Whether you are interested in becoming a U.S. citizen, obtaining a green card or visa, or dealing with a criminal matter that may result in deportation from the United States, you need to hire an experienced lawyer to help you accomplish your immigration goals.

At The Alband Law Firm, we handle a wide variety of immigration matters in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Our Fort Worth immigration attorney can guide you through the complexities of the U.S. immigration system, prepare all necessary paperwork to ensure no mistakes are made, and protect you and your family’s rights and freedom throughout the legal process. We provide all our clients with effective and personalized legal solutions to help them obtain the outcome they desire.

If you are dealing with an immigration matter in Fort Worth, contact us today at (817) 997-4366 and schedule a free consultation.

How We Can Help 

The immigration system is complicated and filled with potential pitfalls. If you make a mistake on an application, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will most like either return your applications for corrections or reject it entirely, which may also lead to removal proceedings in some cases.

Our Fort Worth immigration lawyer can ensure you avoid mistakes and maximize your chances of success. We can help you answer questions on government forms, organize your documents, properly assemble your applications, and mail your petition on your behalf.

If you are dealing with a criminal matter that may result in deportation, our founding attorney is also an experienced criminal defense attorney who is a former prosecutor who can provide his clients with a unique insight into both sides of the courtroom to prepare an aggressive legal defense to help you avoid serious criminal penalties and removal proceedings. Do not hesitate to let The Alband Law Firm fight for you.

Our firm can handle the following types of immigration matters:

  • Citizenship and naturalization
  • Permanent legal residency (or green cards)
  • Family-based visas
  • Student visas
  • Nonimmigrant visas
  • Temporary visas
  • Deportation defense
  • Adjustment of status
  • Asylum

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If you need help with immigration matters, do not hesitate to let our Fort Worth immigration lawyer provide experienced and knowledgeable legal assistance. We’re here to make the process easier and your goals obtainable. We are ready to help you immediately.

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