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Three Suspects Rob ATM Technician for a Second Time, This Time Sending Him to the Hospital with Life-Threatening Injuries


According to the Tarrant County Police Department, two men were arrested on April 24th, 2013 after they allegedly robbed an ATM technician and ran over him with their SUV. It appears that the robbery plan was hatched when one of the alleged suspects recognized the technician's vehicle as belonging to the ATM technician he robbed back in December 2012. Reports indicate that, on the afternoon of April 19th, three suspects went to a Chevron station, where the technician was servicing the station's ATM, with the sole purpose of robbing him. As two of the three men went into the Chevron, the other stood guard outside. One of the men then went to the backroom and stole an ATM moneybag. As all three attempted to escape, the 55-year-old technician gave chase and managed to temporarily stop one of the suspects. After the suspect broke loose, he and the other men jumped into an SUV and proceeded to run over the technician, leaving him with life-threatening injuries. While police have managed to apprehend two of the three suspects, the remaining suspect is still at large.

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