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Choosing the Right Defense Lawyer


When a person is arrested for a crime, one of the first and most important questions they must answer is, "Which attorney is right for me?" Because your choice of lawyer could severely impact the outcome of your case, it is crucial that you choose a defender with the experience and skill you need.

There are varying levels of ability and experience among lawyers, and not all defense lawyers are created equal. For example, some attorneys hate going to trial, and will pressure clients to take plea deals to avoid a jury trial, even when it is not in the clients' best interests.

Crafting a compelling defense involves a great deal of time and effort. As with any profession, some lawyers are not interested in working long hours to develop a winning strategy that is supported by witness testimony, scientific reports, expert testimony, and whatever else is necessary.

The art of cross-examination is also a key factor in criminal trials. One of the most effective tools a lawyer can have is the ability to cross-examine witnesses. Successfully cross-examining witnesses requires the ability to properly judge each individual witness to determine how they should be questioned to best support the defense. The statements made in cross-examination can be extremely important, because they can bolster the defense's case and lead the jury to doubt aspects of the prosecution's case.

Attorney Navid Alband served as a Tarrant County prosecutor for five years. This unique experience can be tremendously beneficial to his clients, because he has a detailed understanding of the trial process as well as the strategies the prosecution may try to use to convict his clients.

Attorney Alband has handled more than 100 trials, knows how to craft a powerful defense, and is highly skilled in cross-examination. If you enlist the defense of The Alband Law Firm, you can be confident that you will receive nothing less than outstanding representation. Attorney Alband is dedicated to protecting the rights of his clients while aggressively seeking the best possible outcomes for their trials.

Call the firm or fill out a free case evaluation form today to learn how Attorney Alband can provide you with powerful defense in court!