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Common Mistakes When Arrested for a DWI


Driving while intoxicated is an act that is taken very seriously by the United States government, and local law enforcement officials are willing to do whatever it takes to catch and arrest those who are breaking these laws. While no person would choose to be arrested for a DWI, it happens; and what you do at the time of your arrest and following will make the world of a difference. Here we will discuss some of the common mistakes that individuals make when they are arrested for drunk driving.

Don’t treat a DWI like a regular traffic violation. Getting arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a very serious offense, because it not only places you at risk of danger, but also any other people that may be in your car or on the road with you. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, depending on the amount of times a driver has been arrested can result in up to 10 years in prison as well as many other consequences. At the time of an arrest having in mind that this is a much more serious offense than just rolling through a stop sign is the first step.

Not hiring an attorney and representing you. This is another common mistake that individuals make when they are trying to save a few extra pennies. However, what you need to realize is that hiring a DWI defense attorney is your best asset to fighting the charges placed against you, and hopefully saving you even more money in the long run. Fines for DWI offenses can get pricey, let alone the possibility that you could be spending time behind bars for months to years depending on your specific situation.

Pleading guilty or no contest at the arraignment hearing. With the help of an attorney you will be able to determine what the best plan of action for your defense is. In some cases pleading guilty to a crime is beneficial on your behalf to agree to a lesser sentencing, however in many cases it can prevent you from having all of the charges dropped. While no DWI defense attorney can guarantee your case will be dismissed, with the help of an experienced attorney there is a greater chance at fighting the charges against you.

By hiring a Fort Worth DWI attorney at The Alband Law Firm you will not only be hiring someone that cares about you as a person, but you will be hiring an attorney that is dedicated to presenting a strong defense for their clients. Have you or someone you know been arrested for driving while intoxicated? Don’t wait another moment; time is of the essence when dealing with these types of charges. Contact a trusted and skilled defense attorney who can help you today; call us today!