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Attorney Alband Gets Murder Charge Dropped for Client


A woman who was being legally represented by Attorney Navid Alband is no longer charged with murder! Our firm's client-- a 33-year-old woman who lives in the Springtown, Texas area--was able to get her murder charge dropped based on the fact that her polygraph test results supported her claim that she killed her boyfriend as an act of self-defense. The details of this case result were included in a recent article in the Weatherford Democrat.

Here is how our client is explaining the incident that led to her boyfriend's death. She claims that he attacked her, physically stopped her from leaving her home and knocked a phone from her hand. She stated that after giving off a warning shot, she ended up fatally shooting him because he was reaching for the gun. When describing the altercation that occurred before the shooting, the defendant told the Weatherford Democrat that her boyfriend was hitting her, pushing her and throwing her to the ground.

The news publication reported that our client and her boyfriend had been dating for a couple of months and he had been living with her. She is reported to have told her supervisor and co-workers that he had attacked her days before the fatal incident and that he was going to be moving out.

After the woman was charged, the founder of our firm, Mr. Alband, advised her to take a polygraph test. The test results backed up her story that she shot her boyfriend in self-defense. This resulted in the prosecuting attorneys in the case asking the Park County district judge to drop the murder charge she was facing. Fortunately, the judge approved the request, which cleared our client's name and restored her freedom.

Attorney Alband was quoted in the Weatherford Democrat article. He praised the District Attorney for his decision, and he stated that his client had stuck to her self-defense claim from the very start of the case. According to the Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer, the more the investigation progressed, the more it became apparent that the woman's story remained consistent throughout the entire processed. In addition to being backed up by her polygraph test, her story was also backed up by independent crime scene analysis and interviews, Attorney Alband said. Due to the fact that our client's charge was dropped, she was able to go to Houston to visit her mother, who was dealing with surgery.

Our firm is able to assist individuals in and around Fort Worth with all types of criminal cases, even cases as complex as those involving murder charges. Because our attorney has served as both a criminal defense lawyer and prosecutor, he is able to handle defense cases from a unique perspective. Contact The Alband Law Firm if you need help challenging your criminal charges in the Fort Worth area!