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Attorney Alband Featured on Cover of The Metro Report


At The Alband Law Firm, we’d like to congratulate our very own Navid Alband for appearing on the cover of The Metro Report. The publication featured Attorney Alband in the 2-page cover story, “Navid Alband – A life in balance.”

In the story, author Queenie White details Attorney Alband’s story, from coming to America in 1984 to discovering his passion for criminal defense after law school. Alband describes himself as “a man of many interests,” and one of his most fascinating stories involves him deciphering an inmate letter written in Elvish, a language from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

This unique experience landed Attorney Alband an opportunity at the Tarrant County Prosecutor’s Office, which gave him special insight into the criminal justice system. Alband realized there was more to the law than good and bad and black and white, and he discovered a passion for the grey area, explaining:

I wanted to help others see that people are human with experiences and backgrounds that drive them to action…I’m passionate about bringing out the entire picture of an individual, answering the question, ‘What led to that one day of action?’

With this perspective, Attorney Alband is well-equipped to handle a variety of criminal cases, including DWIs, drug crimes, and serious felonies like murder. Attorney Alband also has an undergraduate degree in psychology, which helps him understand human behavior and find empathy and justice for each client. As a criminal defense attorney, Alband truly seeks justice for everyone he represents. For him, the most satisfying moments in a case are protecting a clients’ right to a fair trial and hearing the words “Not Guilty!”

Alband’s dedication to his clients does not go unnoticed. He is one of the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers, and in the past, he received The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 Award. He has also been honored as a fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation.

Ultimately, Navid Alband wants to honor his humble beginnings as a first-generation immigrant. His father was a judicial assistant in Iran who raised him with the values of justice and fairness. Alband hopes to pass the same values onto his own children and use his success as a lawyer to open doors for the next generation. Personally, Attorney Alband has been fortunate enough to find his passion in a career that allows him to exemplify love, honesty, and integrity.

Navid Alband is the founding attorney and managing partner at The Alband Law Firm and he truly loves what he does.

Along with Javier Balderrama and Bill Lane, Attorney Abland provides criminal defense and immigration services throughout Tarrant County.

If you’ve been accused of a crime or need help gaining legal status in the United States, choose an attorney who understands you as an individual.

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