Blog Posts in April, 2012

  • The Hunger Games and the Texas Penal Code

    || 26-Apr-2012

    The story of a young girl protecting her sister and defying her government has swept the nation. The audience undeniably roots for the main character to survive the grueling conditions of the game and return to her family. But, in rooting for her to survive, the audience must endure the deaths of others because in the Hunger Games, it is a fight to death. There is no doubt that the raved about ...
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  • Charles Manson and How He Cheats Death

    || 20-Apr-2012

    It was over 40 years ago when a jury in California returned guilty verdicts on all eight charges for the infamous Charles Manson. Seven murder charges and one conspiracy charge gave Manson a punishment of death. But, four decades later, Manson still lives. Aprill 11, 2012 the parole board in California again, for the dozenth time since 1978, decided Manson was too great a danger to be released ...
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  • Coercion in the Intoxilyzer Room

    || 12-Apr-2012

    Let's talk about a DWI breath test. The dreaded breath test. Everyone thinks of a breath test as being the end-all be-all in a DWI case. And in a way, it can be. It definitely gives the police, the prosecutors, the judge, and the jury and pretty-good indication of your blood alcohol concentration. Something a jury can hang their hat on rather than a step off the line or slur that may or may ...
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