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  • Walking The Line
    Walking The Line

    While we all know Johnny Cash had a few crimes under his belt, this movie clip from Walk the Line only shows a couple of criminal actions. What would rock and roll be without the drugs and alcohol? ...

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    Watch the Clip Here. Home Alone is an iconic American Christmas movie with an abundance of illegal activity. Kevin's parents may be guilty of abandoning their child. Abandoning a child under the Texas ...

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  • Harry Potter and the Judge's Chamber
    Harry Potter and the Judge's Chamber

    Watch the Clip Here. As the new Harry Potter movie comes out this week, analyzing a past Harry Potter movie seems fitting. This clip, taken from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets , shows many ...

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  • Y'all Think You Can Catch Me Now?
    Y'all Think You Can Catch Me Now?

    Watch the Clip Here. Where am I to begin when it comes to the Dukes? First of all, there is no seat belt wearing in this clip. And for one of the more minor crimes they are guilty of, they are ...

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  • One Hit Could Ruin Your Whole Day
    One Hit Could Ruin Your Whole Day

    Watch the Clip Here. The movie, Pineapple Express , is centered around and full of illegal activities. Let us look at those crimes under Texas law. Since this movie is so named for marijuana, let us ...

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  • O Attorney, Where Art Thou?
    O Attorney, Where Art Thou?

    Analyzing this clip from the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou under Texas law, a savvy prosecutor would have enough to put everyone (except the kidnapped boy) away for a very long time. These three ...

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