Blog Posts in November, 2012

  • You've Been Arrested for a DWI. Now What?

    || 28-Nov-2012

    So you've been arrested. Arrested for a DWI. You and roughly 95,000 other adults around the nation. In 2007, 17% of Tarrant County's population was charged with a new DWI. So, it is safe to say that you are not alone. But, despite the overwhelming numbers of new DWI charges, if it happens to you, the experience can be confusing, complicated, and simply – frightening. I'm here to ...
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  • Common Mistakes When Arrested for a DWI

    || 15-Nov-2012

    Driving while intoxicated is an act that is taken very seriously by the United States government, and local law enforcement officials are willing to do whatever it takes to catch and arrest those who are breaking these laws. While no person would choose to be arrested for a DWI, it happens; and what you do at the time of your arrest and following will make the world of a difference. Here we will ...
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  • World BAC Limits and the 50 States

    || 6-Nov-2012

    As of 2004, all 50 states have established an "illegal per se" BAC of.08 for the offense of DWI. Delaware, being the last and final state to pass the.08 BAC law, previously had in place a.1 BAC statute. In 2000, Congress and President Clinton signed a law requiring all states to enact a.08 BAC statute by 2003 without losing a percent of highway funding. Before this, only 19 states had ...
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