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Firefighters Discover Full-Scale Marijuana Operation after Responding to a North Texas House Fire


On Sunday, May 19th, firefighters responded to a fire at a home in Springtown, Texas. After putting out the fire, which reportedly began in an outdoor burn barrel in the back yard, and quickly spread to the yard, a storage barn and then the house itself, firefighters went inside the home to ensure there were no remaining hot spots. What they found in the home was a full-scale marijuana operation. The operation included an irrigation system, grow lights, humidifiers, and various cultivation tools. There were also 24 large and 17 small hydroponic plants, already cultivated marijuana plants and miscellaneous drug paraphernalia. Firefighters notified the Sheriff's Office of what they found, at which point Sheriff's deputies were able to place the suspect, 26-year-old William Joseph McCue, under arrest and charge him with possession of marijuana. As the residence was allegedly under construction for the purpose of expanding the marijuana operation, and due to the fact that McCue implicated himself in the cultivation aspect of the operation, additional charges are expected.

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