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Will Texas Be Exempt from Federal Gun Control Laws?


While the federal government continues to look at gun control and determine if new federal actions need to be taken, a group of lawmakers in Texas already creating a defense plan. According to the potential laws, Texas would be exempt from any new federal gun control policies that could be put into effect. Some of the bills suggested would make it illegal to enforce any new federal weapon measures on the state.

While there is not one accepted bill that is being pushed into legislation for review, some proposals would exempt all locally made firearms from the federal fun statutes. Others would jail any Texas police officers who would attempt to enforce the federal gun control laws. A Republican chairman at the House Committee on Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility says that the bills want to assert the sovereignty of Texas where it is possible to do so. Pastors in the area seem to be rallying behind the bills, saying that Texans have the right to bear arms and that this right shouldn't be taken away.

The bills are primarily support by Republicans in the state, while many Democrats have described the bills as extreme to newscasters. Still, not many people at a recent hearing spoke out against the measures that would make sure that Texans always have the right to have their guns. While federal gun control laws still haven't been enacted, there are still weapons crimes for which you can be arrested in the state of Texas. If you have been accused of violating a gun law, then you are going to want an experienced Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer on your side. Contact an attorney at the firm today for more information or to discuss your different options for defense.